The carbon 2015 Conference was held in Dresden, a famous city in Germany. The conference provided a platform for researchers to display the latest results for discussion and exchange of information from various fields of carbon. Special emphasis is placed on strengthening exchanges between academia and industry.
Carbon is a chemical element that was discovered by the first person to dispose of charcoal from a fire. Modern carbon chemistry originated from the development of coal, oil and natural gas as fuels and the elucidation of synthetic organic chemistry. Carbon is a very rich element. It exists in pure or nearly pure form, such as diamond and graphite. At the same time, it can also be combined with other elements to form molecules. These carbon-based molecules are the basic components of humans, animals, plants, trees and soil. Some greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are also composed of carbon-based molecules, as are fossil fuels, which are mainly composed of hydrocarbons. 
In addition to carbon, there are many types of chemical elements. Various chemical products are used in people’s daily life and various industrial fields. As a specialized supplier of chemical products, we will often publish articles to introduce the characteristics and uses of some chemicals products, such as, construction chemicals, water treatment chemicals, textile chemicals, plastic chemicals, etc.